Logo Design

Logo design is the first step towards creating a company's corporate identity. We offer creative ideas and a contemporary, stylish design for logos!

When developing a logo (trademark), what is important, apart from an irreproachable quality of execution, is interaction with the customer, the quality of service, and guarantees. We guarantee that we will carry out our work until it is complete and deliver your logo and corporate identity to you in various formats on CD.

Afterwards, we are always prepared to offer support and consultation. You will always be able to turn to us for designing business cards, calendars, envelopes, headed notepaper, brochures or any other items displaying your logo.

We can provide help in getting your logo registered.

«Logo and Corporate Identity Portfolio» contains examples of our logo designs. It is possible to adaptations of logo designs in several of our projects.

Please also see prices for logo design.

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