Developing Logos and Corporate Identity

How a Logo and Corporate Identity Bring in Revenue

Many people do not think about a logo or corporate identity when starting a new company, especially if it is a small business, mistakenly assuming that such things are not of paramount importance at such a stage. However, such an approach is not entirely correct.

Logos and corporate identity bring in money. Logos and corporate identity are a visual image of your brand in the mind of the consumer. When you think of Coca-Cola or McDonalds, it is their logo and corporate identity which immediately springs to mind.

You might say that a company which is starting up doesn't have a brand or corporate identity, that there is no need for them either. This is not so. Even a market trader has a brand and corporate identity: it is he himself and his stall. His stall is as dirty and tired-looking as the ticket desk in the metro. But the metro has a logo which replaces its association with wretched ticket desks and overcrowded carriages.

A logo and corporate identity lends you weight, raises the value of your goods and services in the consumer's consciousness, creates trust.

Imagine two bills. One is one headed notepaper: there is a logo, telephone number, website address, the address of the office you can turn to if something goes wrong. And the other bill is without any of the above: only the amount and account details. Which bill would you trust more?

Who to Have Design Your Logo

It is very tempting to write "Us". But that wouldn't be completely true as there are a host of respectable companies apart from us, and we only ever speak the truth.

It is essential to have a serious company with a good track record design your logo. There are various items requiring corporate identity: business cards, notepaper, flyers. You can order them from whoever you like if, of course, they make them to the required standard. But a logo should be designed by a reliable company, and this is why:

  1. A logo should be designed from scratch and not reworked from the logo of some other company. Otherwise you risk being ruined by legal claims.
  2. A logo should be invested with an idea and not just 30 variations on one chosen from a template database!
  3. An individual designer won't help you to have the logo registered./li>
  4. A logo needs to be checked for compatibility with all of the places in which it will be placed. We have witnessed logos which are completely out of context and which, therefore, utterly ruin the impression a company makes.

Incidentally, one such logo is MTS's egg on a red background. Another is for Russian Railways who really excelled themselves in replacing their almost century-old logo with three lousy letters. Someone must have taken a slice of the budget and made off with it.

Prices for creating corporate identity

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