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Design is the No.1 determinant of whether a product-service-experience stands out – or does not.
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Creating and promoting websites is ITSoft's main area of focus. We have built up a great deal of experience in the development of various kinds of sites: corporate sites, internet stores, portals and information systems. Our web department experts have been active in the field of information technology since 1997 when runet had only just started up. In terms of creating sites we know it backwards and forwards1.

There is a short description of the site production process on our website's home page. In this section we reveal the ins-and-outs of the site creation process in our web-studio and precisely why you should hire us to design your site.

Why it pays to order a website from ITSoft's web-studio

  • ITSoft's web-studio has been in operation since 1999. You are turning to a reliable web-studio with a huge amount of experience. The risk you are taking is minimal.
  • Our designers carry out their work to a high standard. Please see our portfolio.
  • Layout is done according to standards and is compatible with all of the major browsers.
  • All our programmers have higher technical education and experience of working on major projects.
  • Arguably, we are the only premium class web-studio whose prices for site building and contracts for site building are easily accessible to all*
  • ITSoft is a communications operator with its own data-center and which is able to offer hosting for your site at any level of reliability.
  • ITSoft has a systems integration department with professional systems administrators monitoring servers and hosting.
  • ITSoft's web-studio is an official partner of Yandex with much experience in the placement of adverts with search engines.
  • We commence site promotion from the moment the site is completed.

Costs for having a site made in ITSoft's web-studio

We are not rich enough to buy cheap things.
A miser pays twice, a fool pays three times, and a dupe pays constantly.

The cost of having your website made in ITSoft's web-studio, as mentioned above, is calculated on the basis of an open price-list with fixed prices for the various stages and components of the site. What is important is not only the price for developing a website in itself, but understanding why it costs precisely that, how the price for constructing a site is broken down. There are the most varied proposals on the market from different web-studios and individual freelance experts ranging from 3,000 roubles to hundreds of thousands of roubles. Let's try to break these prices down, and work out how to select exactly the right proposal for you, so that you don't end up having to pay twice.

First of all we will classify the different types of web-developers:
  • 1. the comprehensive

    has an entire staff of the
    experts needed for high-quality
    website development and an
    office in Moscow or in your town
  • 2. the tin-pot web-studio
    is usually a middle-man where some of the work is out-sourced to remote specialists, with a small office used only for negotiating and where, if possible, negotiations are conducted at the customer's premises
  • 3. the freelancer —
    the lone expert, scraping by on numerous projects, who knows designers and programmers

The cost of having a site made by the comprehensive web-studio is the highest, by the tin-pot studio is a little less, and the cheapest option is to hire a student freelancer. What are the differences? And where exactly should you order your site from?

The differences are in:

  • – quality;
  • – reliability;
  • – level of service (quality of Service)

In the comprehensive web-studio, you cannot simply turn up and do some work with the designer or programmer to get your observations and suggested changes across. As ITSoft's colleague Aleksandr Tarasov points out with some justification: "Using remote workers works out a lot more expensive despite the fact that they ask for less money than those on a professional staff because the time taken to revise the site and implement observations and changes, added to the frayed nerves, reduces the benefit of the low price to nil”.

Freelancers and web-studios who use the services of remote specialists open themselves up to great risks. Freelancers and distant developers are in a perpetual frenzy looking for new orders and, once they have received the money for the order, they lose all interest in it. They don't have their own brand, something which takes years to cultivate, which means that issues of reputation hardly bother them. You can take a freelancer or a tin-pot web-studio to court, but there is little point. You will win your case, but you won't receive any money from a bankrupted limited company.

And the biggest risk is that freelancers and shady web-studios tend to use pirated software. They make your site with pirate software, stolen pictures or stolen designs, and then copyright holders or competitors take you to court, and the cost of your website turns out to be something else entirely.

Now let's take a detailed look at how the prices and overall cost of designing your site are made up:
1. specialists'
2. the quality and
amount of work
which goes into it
3. office rent, utility
services, office
cleaning, office
equipment, wages
for the secretary,
bookkeeper, and
other expenses
4. cost of equipment,
software, furniture etc.
5.  taxes

Freelance v Studio:

Our thoughts on why working with a studio is much better than with a freelancer

If we expand all these points, we arrive at an hourly rate of around 1,000 roubles. It is precisely with such calculations that we arrive at these prices. Pay particular attention to the volume and quality of the work. Freelancers developing a site often simply try to make it attractive, unusual and memorable. ITSoft's web-studio designers not only make it attractive but, in devising the design, they solve the issues of brand-building, of making the ordering process user-friendly, and of receiving enquiries and contact details from potential customers. Our designers work down to the finest details: creating icons, illustrations and the corporate identity for the information on the site. The fundamental objective of the design, when all is said and done, is: to sell.

The amount of time it takes ITSoft's web-studio to complete a website

The length of time it takes to construct a website depends, in the first instance, on how disciplined the customer is, and secondly on the web-studio's workload. The cost and time for complex sites and portals grows non-linearly, i.e. the complexity of the project increases non-linearly. A web-studio which is able to produce ten websites for 50,000 roubles each is by no means able to do one for 500,000 roubles. So, web-studios who lay claim to build "sites of any complexity" are trotting out a commonplace lie. In our experience, we frequently encounter customers who at first say: "it's urgent, urgent", but when it comes to them evaluating the design, settling on a timetable for the work: they are unavailable. As a result, the length of time it takes to finish the site increases.

The cost of site promotion with ITSoft's web-studio

In essence, there are no upper or lower limits to the cost of promoting your site. The minimum package for site promotion with ITSoft's web-studio is 10,000 roubles a month. For any less money, promotion results will border on statistical uncertainty. We are prepared to work with any size of budget. :) For a sizeable amount of money your advert will feature on Yandex's home page and, in a couple of months, a serious brand will evolve.

Many web-studios which engage in site promotion estimate the budget according to search requests with which the site ought to appear in the first ten search results. This is not really the case. It is better to gauge search results according to the customer's budget. If you have a budget of 10,000 roubles a month, then it is patently insufficient for being promoted by a highly competitive head query. It is better to spend such a budget on low-frequency query promotion and to occupy the market niche within your capabilities, and not to get dragged into competing with the big boys and wasting your money.

The length of time for ITSoft's web-studio site promotion

We are not exactly discovering America if we say that you will certainly get results after 3 months. The results themselves are proportional to the site promotion budget.

1 © V. S. Vysotsky, Letter to the Editor of the TV programme “Ochevidnoe i neveroyatnoe” (”Obvious and Incredible”) from the Kanatchikova Dacha.

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