SMS Gateway

SMS gateway — is an SMS sending service via Internet Protocol, i.e. from php script, perl script or any other programme you can call up the sendsms('9001112233', 'text messages') function; and send an SMS.

Sending SMS is used for:

  1. informing customers about outstanding payments, promotions etc.;
  2. to strengthen authorisation and confirm meaningful action aimed at additional protection against intruders.

SMS Gateway Prices

For end customers already using our services, to whom we provide technical support, the cost of using SMS Gateway is a subscription charge of 300R a month or 3,000R a year (this price is valid only for upfront payment for the year) plus the cost of the text message.

For web developers and web studios, programmers, systems administrators who service their own sites and servers the price for using the SMS Gateway is only the cost of the text messages.

Prices for SMS Gateway

SMS messages
are sold in bundles.

Number of SMSs
Price for 1 SMS
5000 60 kopecks
5001-10000 50 kopecks
10001-30000 40 kopecks
30001-100000 30 kopecks
100001-300000 20 kopecks
300001-500000 15 kopecks
500001-1000000 12 kopecks
>1000000 negotiable

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