Computer Servicing Prices

ITSoft has amasses a wealth of experience in establishing local networks and Data-centers, which enables us to carry out high quality computer servicing for organisations.
We have experience in servicing computers for organisations with over 300 employees spread across numerous offices in Moscow.

Type of servicing Number of call-outs per month Number of work stations
Prices indicated are per work station (RUB)
Planned Immediate 1…15 15…30 Over 30
1 1 0 400 380 Negotiable
2 0 4 430 400 Negotiable
3 2 1 520 490 Negotiable
4 4 1 630 600 Negotiable
5 4 3 730 680 Negotiable
6 6 6 810 730 Negotiable
7 8 12 810 Negotiable

Additional Services

Description Price
Call-out (within working hours) 1 500
Working hours 700
False alarm 1 500


  1. All these and further prices are in roubles including taxes.
  2. Prices indicated are for work carried out not including cost of equipment.

Prices for Computer Servicing

Service Price
Problem diagnosis 500
Repair (replacement of separate parts) 400
Repair (replacement of motherboard) 600
Curing viruses 300
Hard disk recovery Negotiable
Consultation on purchases From 500

Prices for setting up a local network

Interior and interstorey passage 500-3000
1metre box, plastic duct assembly 75
Computer connection installation 100
Installation of telephone socket 100
Laying of 1 metre of cabling 25
Installation of RJ-45, RJ-11 connectors 50
Equipment assembly 1000
Cabling over dropped ceiling (1m) 100
Exterior cabling (1m) 30

Work station set-up

Description Price
Installation and initial Windows set-up 600
Installation and initial Office set-up 600
Anti-virus installation and set-up 500
Firewall installation and set-up 500
OS performance optimisation От 1 000*
Software configuration От 500*
Connection to network 300
Internet and email set-up 300
Data backup copying От 300*
User profile copying От 1 000*
Synchronisation set-up От 500*

*-depending on the task

All prices indicated are for BASIC set-up

Prices discussed separately for configuration of particular software requirements.
In the event that additional software configuration is required not installed and/or configured by us, payment is calculated from the 1,000 roubles per hour rate.

Please Note

  1. All works are carried out within the company's working hours of 10:00 till 19:00, any extra time only by agreement with a company worker and is payable separately at an extra charge.
  2. All prices for software installation and work with servers indicated assume the absence of problems with drivers or hardware: any such problems and time spent on these are payable separately.
  3. Before calling out an expert, services and the bill for them are to be fully discussed. In the event that extra tasks arise «on the spot», cost is according to the company price list. In the event that tasks are not precisely set out before the call-out, the charge will be revised!
  4. On the request of the client, our colleagues are obliged to present a full report on work carried out.

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