Payment name in orders to pay and money transfers

On all of our payment slips, it is indicated to write the name of the payment, for example: "no. 36397 Colocation 2012 2 contract 4329, VAT not applicable." But there are some ignorant people who write in the definition of the payment purpose: "payment for services in July vat not applicable". Our company provides about twenty types of services!

The payment name is needed not only to recognise what the payment is for and to charge the right amount, but also for the purposes of making up accounts and reconciliation reports.

Please, fill out the payment name correctly, and it is essential to indicate the numbers of the account and contract.

Pay particular attention to the payment name when paying at a bank branch, terminal, phone shop or any other kind of outlet that isn't WebMoney, or when transferring funds from abroad, for example, from Kazakhstan.

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