For Clients

In this section, we would like to make recommendations to potential and current clients as to how to make cooperation with IT Soft as effective as possible.

Arrange a Meeting!

As a rule, all our employees are ready and waiting for you. However, occasionally, an employee may be off sick or has several meetings arranged for the same day. Arriving unannounced to see nobody in particular is a waste of your time, and puts us in an awkward position.

Especial disruption is caused by couriers arriving from a company to deliver who knows what, to who knows who, who knows why.

  1. Arrange the time and purpose of your visit in advance with a specific employee.
  2. Write down the full name of the colleague you are coming to see.
  3. Ascertain which of the offices you are due to visit: the one near Paveletskaya or Fili.
  4. If you are held up, or you manage to arrive considerably early, please phone the colleague you have arranged to see and find out if they are there. Simply leaving a message with the secretary may prove to be insufficient.
If possible, please make all enquiries from your personal customer profile!

You will receive high-quality service by sending a request from your personal profile with us:

  1. Each query receives its own number.
  2. Our management monitors the response of our employees to every query.
  3. Query numbers enable all our employees to see the history of our dealings with you. In the case of enquiries made over the phone or by email, one colleague does not know was said with another.
Don't be afraid to contact the department head or the CEO

Management telephone numbers are available in the feedbacksection.

If at all possible, please send your query from your personal customer profile. We are always glad to receive suggestions as to how to improve the service provided by our company. In order to contact one of the management, two conditions need to be met:

  1. Your query is in your personal profile but it is clear that our colleagues have not dealt with your issue.
  2. You have no outstanding payments. We have an agreement with the banks that they don't provide IT services, and we don't provide credit!

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