Server Administration

What is covered by server administration:

  1. Set-up and installation of basic software to carry out specific tasks;
  2. Determining and setting up of security policy;
  3. Determining the system monitoring and recovery policy;
  4. Backup (if there is a backup hard disk on the server);
  5. Log analysis of basic software and server applications operations;
  6. Server load monitoring;
  7. Tracking and applying of basic software updates and critical updates as recommended by the manufacturer to ensure security;
  8. Making changes to software configuration essential to the system's functioning.
The administrator will be available via special email, ICQ, and the Tickets system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In the event of urgent help being required there is a special phone number set aside for instant communication.

Prices for Server Administration

1. Basic Administration (only for already configured servers).

  1. Web content and database backup (if there is a backup hard disk on the server, once a day, archive storage for 7 day period, recovery on request in 2 hours), recovery no more than once a week;
  2. Log analysis of basic software and server applications operations;
  3. 1.Nagios server monitoring system;

Price: 2000 RUB/month

2. Advanced Administration (only for already configured servers).

  1. All services covered by “Basic” package;
  2. Basic software update;
  3. Installation and configuration of new software;
  4. Changes to software configuration essential to system's functioning;

Price: 3000 RUB/month

3. Complete administration.

  1. All services covered by «Advanced Administration» package;
  2. Installation and configuration of basic software tailored to client's requirements;
  3. Changes to software configuration essential to system's optimum functioning;
  4. System recovery in the event of incorrect actions by the client;

Price: 5000 RUB/month

One-off Payments:

1) Installation and configuration of basic software.

  1. Determining and setting up of security policy;
  2. Determining the system monitoring and recovery policy;
  3. Initial web server and applications configuration to ensure maximum operating speed;

Price: from 1000 RUB/hour (for no less than 2х hours). Price will generally depend on exact list of software and tasks required.

2) System recovery in the event of breakdown due to incorrect actions by the client, as well as installation of broken-down components.

Price: from 1000 RUB/hour. Exact price dependent on level of faults which occur.

3) Installation and configuration of software on new server.

The configuration of the software which will be installed on the server depends on the server's functions and are to be discussed.

Price: negotiable and dependent on configuration of the software.

4) Installation and configuration of software.

  1. Firewall iptables, ipchains, ipfw;
  2. Apache 1.3.x, 2.x web server;
  3. BIND 9.x DNS server;
  4. MySQL 3.x,4.x, 5.x database;
  5. MRTG internet channel load monitoring;
  6. Сpanel WEB panels,plesk,Confixx,WEBadmin, Directadmin and others;
  7. php;
  8. ssh + openSSL remote access;
  9. Ftp (wu-ftpd,proftpd) servers;
  10. imap,pop3,exim,postfix and other mail servers;
  11. Backup configuration (через cron, fsbackup);
  12. Quota disk quoting;
  13. Automated server tasks (shellscripts, perl).

Price negotiable depending on tasks to be carried out by server.

For questions related to server administration, contact us by email: or call us on +7 (495) 766-3004.

Direct Configuration of Server Functions

  1. Server security configuration
  2. Traffic calculation
  3. Configuration of NAT to enable several computers to go from one IP address (UNIX server);
  4. Set-up of DIVERT to enable access to the network whilst keeping real IP address on local machine (UNIX server);
  5. Configuration of Apache Web server to enable support for own hosting or realising web interfaces for different applications
  6. Set-up of Domain and file server to enable general resources and backup;
  7. Set-up of MySQL database management system to enable database support;
  8. Configuration of server email to enable support for own email service;
  9. Set-up to receive faxes;
  10. Set-up of modem pool for when not at home;
  11. Configuration of VPN server to enable remote operation;
  12. Installation of Perl to enable writing of scripts;
  13. Other settings.

Server Security Configuration

  1. Development of IT security policies with customer service representative;
  2. Set-up of software directly related to said policies
    • Packet filter configuration
    • Proxy server configuration
    • Configuration of server's own security policy
  3. Configuration of log-file storage, time of storage and degree of detail for reports.

Traffic Calculation

Traffic reports are by individual client requirements,


  1. Report on incoming and outgoing traffic for each machine (daily);
  2. Detailed report (down to the second);
  3. Report on traffic exchange with certain websites (IP, IP network, domain);
  4. Any type of report by individual request (divided between Russian and foreign is possible).

Report formats:

  1. View in files via remote access or via Web server;
  2. Web interface, for easy viewing with capability of assigning viewing rights;
  3. In database so that it can be processed with client's software (if necessary).

Prices for Unix FreeBSD-based Server Administration

Description Price
Installation of FreeBSD operating system on server 2 500
Configuration of firewall 1 500
Set-up of nat 1 000
Email server From 1 500*
Fax receipt 2 500
Modem pool, internet access from home via modem connection to server 2 500
VpN server From 1 500*
Apache web server 500
MySQL database management system 500
perl 500
Traffic calculation and report generating system From 3 000*
Proxy server installation and set-up From 1 000*
Creation of RAID-array of any complexity 700
Installation and configuration of DNS server 900
Installation and configuration of DHCP-server 500
Installation and configuration of server version of anti-virus software 1 200
Deployment of Samba From 2 200*
Data backup systems 1 200
Installation and configuration of FTP server 100

*-depending on task


  1. All prices in roubles with all taxes.
  2. Prices indicated for work carried out not including cost of equipment.

All prices indicated are for BASIC set-up

Prices discussed separately for configuration of particular software requirements.
In the event that additional software configuration is required for software not installed and/or configured by us, payment is calculated from the 1,000 roubles per hour rate.

Please note

  1. All works are carried out within the company's working hours of 10:00 till 19:00, any extra time only by agreement with a company worker and is payable separately at an extra charge.
  2. All prices for software installation and work with servers indicated assume the absence of problems with drivers or hardware: any such problems and time spent on these are payable separately.
  3. Before calling out an expert, services and the bill for them are to be fully discussed. In the event that extra tasks arise «on the spot», cost is according to the company price list. In the event that tasks are not precisely set out before the call-out, the charge will be revised!
  4. On the request of the client, our colleagues are obliged to present a full report on work carried out.

Prices for Windows-based Server Administration

Description Price
Installation of Windows server operating system 1 250
Firewall Configuration 600
Creation of RAID-array of any complexity 700
Installation and set-up of DNS-сервера, deployment of Active Directory From 700*
Installation and set-up of DHCP server 400
Installation and set-up of ISA server 1 800
Creation of user accounts (1 -20 items) 250
Creation of user accounts (20 - 40 items) 500
Creation of user accounts (40 – 80 items) 1 000
Creation of user accounts (более 80 items) 2 000
Configuration of business security policy From 2 500*
Installation of software for calculating user traffic 2 500
Installation and set-up of server version anti-virus system (Kaspersky, Symantec etc.) 700
File server installation 600
Print server installation 600
Internet gateway installation 1 200
Installation and set-up of Mdaemon mail server 1 100
Installation and set-up of MS Exchange mail server 2 200
Remote access to workstation via internet (VPN server) 1 200
Installation and licensing of server terminals 2 000
Local network deployment of SUS server * 4 500
Preparing and setting up of work computers for upgrade from SUS server (per work place) 300
Data backup systems From 1 000*
Installation and set-up of Apache web server 500
Installation and set-up of MS IIS web server 900
Installation and set-up of FTP server 600
Installation of MSSQL database server, MySQL, Interbase, PostgreSQL 1 500

*-depending on task

Prices for Additional Server Administration Services

Additional Server Administration Services Description
Desktop monitoring Ability to observe desktop of any employee at any time
Terminal access Access to central server for terminals, reduces expenses on PCs, increases network security (possible on slower machines)
Email monitoring Enables viewing of employees' email (incoming/outgoing)

Selecting Server Configuration

Our company's colleagues arrange the selection of server or work station configurations based on the amount of money set aside for it and on machine performance requirements and other specifications.

Service Price
Configuration selection From 500
Configuration selection with assembly From 1 000

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