VPS Hosting

VPS service is the providing to the user of a virtual dedicated server. With VPS hosting it is possible for multiple virtual servers to operate and for all of their individual files, programs and applications to be managed. Information can be changed, copied or deleted without any limitations. Also, a separate virtual server's processes and configurations are not occupied by anybody else, which makes them easy to administer. VPS hosting is an excellent solution for the large, internet resource-hungry projects on games servers, as well as for future hosting services reselling.

Advantages of Dedicated Virtual Servers

  1. no need to spend money on a physical server;
  2. no additional expenses on colocation;
  3. software is provided;
  4. administration with root privileges;
  5. the number of sites on a dedicated virtual server does not affect the fee;
  6. own dedicated IP address;
  7. higher level of security and reliability compared to conventional hosting;

Prices for Dedicated Virtual Servers

  Electron Positron Foton
Disk space (Gb) 5 10 25
Guaranteed RAM (Мb) 512 1024 2048
Guaranteed CPU (Mhz) 500 1000 1500
Traffic 100Gb 200Gb 400Gb
IP-address 1 2 4
Operating System Debian 6
Debian 6
Debian 6
DNS support free free free
Root access + + +
Installation and set-up of any software + + +
Price, RUB per month 1000 1500 3000
Order Order Order

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