1С-Bitrix Hosting

ITSoft is a certified 1C-Bitrix hosting partner.
We offer you hosting optimised using CMS Bitrix, conforming to standards developed by 1C.

VPS Hosting for 1C-Bitrix

VPS hosting for 1С-Bitrix is the optimum solution for large and medium-sized portals. This solution affords you high performance and stability at a much lower cost than having your own server. Should you require it, our specialists can install additional software essential to your business. All VPS for 1C-Bitrix is cloud-based which ensures the very highest standards in reliability and performance. Each cloud component is backed up multiple times and has independent connections to different communications channels.

Tariff Plans.

All tariff plans include pre-installed CMS 1C-Bitrix and a 7 day trial period. If desired, the ISPManager Lite or Pro control panel can be installed on the VPS.

  Bitrix.Lite Bitrix.Premium
CPU 1000 1500
RAM 512 1024
HDD 5Gb 10Gb
IP 1 2
Operating System Debian 5.0 Debian 5.0
ROOT access + +
DNS support + +
Price 1200 1500
Order Order

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