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What Web Hosting Is

By no means all clients, once they have ordered a site, know what site hosting is, or how to choose good hosting for their website. A hosting space is a place on the server where the website operates. The server itself should be hosted at a good Data-center. The Data-center (server room) should have industrial uninterruptible power supplies, an industrial cooling system, a fire-safety system, several independent internet connections via fibre-optic cables, an automatic monitoring system and a 24-hour technical support roster manned by experts. A company providing web hosting services should have a telecommunications license permitting it to provide telecommunications services and a telecommunications license granting it the right to transfer data.

Normal Web Hosting

Web hosting in its simplest form takes place on one server, as a rule, managed by a Unix operating system (Linux, FreeBSD etc.) On one such server hundreds or even thousands of other websites live next-door to each other. In such cases, security is at the lowest possible level. There is a large risk of the server being without enough resources if they are drawn to neighbouring websites. Backup copies are made once every few days. Functional performance is limited. Normal web hosting is very cheap: around a hundred roubles a month. Support only ensures that overall services are functioning, and a client's individual website problems аre farmed out to the client's site developers and specialists. This kind of web hosting is suitable for individuals, sites visited by up to 50 people a day, where downtime is not critical. In the event of a physical server breaking down, recovery from backup copies can take several days.

Hosting with Advanced Support and Enhanced Functions

Hosting with advanced support and enhanced functions can be obtained at tariffs of around 500 roubles per month. Such tariffs afford you multiple databases and database users, SFTP secure protocol, personalised configurations and a range of other features which enhance security and the server's resources. A web hosting company, however, does not offer support in resolving problems with websites, rather they send аll individual problems to site developers. This site developer, though, may then refer server problems to the web hosting company specialists. So that you don't end up falling between two companies, we recommend that your site is hosted by the same company that is building the site: that way all issues can be resolved at a “one-stop-shop”. This kind of web hosting is suitable for individuals, sites visited by up to 100 people a day, where downtime is not critical but the quality of service is important.

Web Hosting by Virtual Dedicated Server

A virtual dedicated server is an operating system with a whole set of software: database server, web server, PHP and other modules used by only one client (the customer). With such web hosting there are no neighbours within the one operating system. Security is at a fairly high level. But there are neighbours in such virtual dedicated servers located on the physical server itself. This kind of web hosting is suitable for organisations, sites visited by up to 1,000 people a day, where downtime is critical and the quality of service is important. Such a form of hosting is ideal for serious companies which, however, are either unable at the moment to lease a dedicated server, or who are in no doubt that they don't need the performance of a dedicated server.

Website Hosting on Your Own Physical Server (colocation) or on a Rented One

This kind of hosting is the next step up after the virtual dedicated server. Here, there are physically no neighbours on the server, all resources are geared towards the one site. Only, let us point out the advantages of leasing such a server. Should it break down, a rented server is replaced the same day, whereas the client's own server has to be repaired by the client themselves. Having ordered server administration services, the client completely avoids any kind of problems with software updates, monitoring, backup copies or recovery in the event of malfunctions. This form of hosting can handle up to 20,000 hits a day depending on the server's configuration and complexity of the website's software.

Virtual Dedicated Server in a Cloud (Cluster)

The virtual dedicated server is hosted in a cloud (cluster) of physical servers. Should one of the physical servers break down, the virtual dedicated server automatically continues to function on another physical server in the cloud. The server which has broken down can be quickly replaced. Cloud-based hosting boasts the minimum possible downtime. If a site breaks down due to equipment failure, all physical servers in the cloud will be down.

Hosting in Distributed Cloud (Cluster) of Servers

All major projects work using this technology: Google, Yandex, Mail etc. The server cloud can be distributed across different Data-centers, ensuring practically 100% reliability. But this requires huge investments.

Quality Reliable Hosting with Virus Protection

Each user receives access to a control panel from where they have full control over their account according to the tariff selected. If any issues arise, our department colleagues will be able to help you deal with them. You can even come to our office where we will demonstrate everything for you.

Hosting prices with us are higher than average. But with them come not only hosting, but a personal relationship with the client. We don't have girls at the end of an 0845 number to whom you will constantly have to repeat the same problem. We not only provide hosting services, but we resolve a range of other issues with email and viruses which arise for our customers.

When it comes to questions about email settings, the standard hosting company will direct you to your systems administrator. And in the event of your site being infected with a virus, they will advise you to contact the site developers. ITSoft is not only a hosting company, but it develops complex software and websites, so we are able to deal with viruses on our own.

We would also like to compare hosting prices with those for running a mobile phone. With mobiles, calls sometimes cut out. There are spots where they can't get a signal. The cost of service for extensive usage is around 1,000 roubles per month. And, for this 1,000 roubles, you get a few hours of talk-time. Site hosting, though, has to work 24-hours a day.

In purely technical terms, hosting can be cheap if hundreds of sites are hosted on the same server. But in terms of high quality service, especially when it comes to paying systems administrators and support engineers, hosting cannot be cheap.

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