Customers choosing server colocation with us in our Data-centers or deciding to rent a server from us often ask similar questions. Answers to many of them can be found on our website. It is possible that this section will serve as an extra navigator. In this section, we have attempted to systematise them and give much fuller answers. If you have your own question which it would be appropriate to post here, please get in touch with us.

How much does server colocation cost?

Please see the section Prices for Server Hosting.. Be aware that we place servers in a wide variety of housings. Prices are hardly affected by the housing dimensions.

How much does it cost to lease a server with such and such qualities?

Server Rental Prices are for specific models. If you need a server with excellent technical specifications, write to us and we will calculate how much it will cost to rent.

Can you consider my interests?

We consider our customers' interests, but we don't give kickbacks.

Do you have licenses to provide telecommunications services?


  1. Telecommunications License from the Ministry of Communications №62794 Telematic Communications Services dated 29th September 2008.
  2. Telecommunications License from the Ministry of Communications №62795 Communications Services in data transmission with the exception of transmission of voice data dated 29th September 2008.
  3. License №64262 for the carrying out of activity in the field of local telephone communications services provision with the exception of local telephone services provision using public pay telephones or publicly accessible means. Active term of license from 28.11.2008 until 28.11.2013.

Do you have permission to run a communications centre?

Yes, our Data-centers have been declared to the Federal Communications Control Service as communications centres. Fire-safety has been approved by representatives of the Emergencies Ministry.

What are the technical specifications of your Data-centers and what equipment do they use?

See Description of Data-centers.

What are the different ways of paying?

See Payment Methods.

How many IP addresses do you give out and what does it cost?

As many as you need.
But there needs to be a good reason for obtaining IP addresses.
It is not good just to keep them in reserve. We can issue additional addresses.
It costs 50 RUB for 1 IP address. Two IP addresses from different subnetworks are granted for Colocation services.

Is installation and set-up of software included in the cost for server rental?

On payment for 2 months we install FreeBSD, Linux, Windows operating system and set up remote access to it. You can then set up and administer your server yourself from then on, or you can turn to our partners, who provide server administration services.

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