The advantages of dedicated servers

No downtime in the event of server hardware failure

If any hardware fails in the server, we will provide another server or replacement hardware immediately upon request. With your own server, you will have to take it to be serviced. Server repair services can take several weeks. Finding the necessary hardware can drag on for 1-2 weeks. When renting a dedicated server from us, you will receive hardware replacements in the course of 1-2 working days or even just several hours from the moment you communicate your hardware replacement request.

No cost for server repair and maintenance

All costs related to servicing, diagnostics, repair, and hardware replacement are carried by us. With your own server, these costs will fall to you.

The spare money can be invested in your business

The money you put aside for replacing your hardware can be put to work developing your business, for example, by purchasing an advertisement, in order to begin to receive a return more quickly. The topic of saving money is particularly relevant at the height of the crisis, as credit interest rates increase, while the costs of dedicated server rental fall.

No financial risks

When the server is no longer needed, you won't need to think of someone to sell it to. Considering that it is secondhand, there is little that can be gained.

Money for dedicated server rental is counted as an expense

Payments for dedicated server rental relate to production costs, and reduce your tax base. Your own server has to be put on your balance, it depreciates, has to be written off, and is taxed as property.

And we also have flexible policies

An agreement can be reached with us in cases of nonstandard client requirements.

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