Dedicated Servers

Leasing a dedicated server, as opposed to normal hosting, means your project will receive the maximum level of security and reliability.

If you sign a contract with us to administer your server, we will be fully responsible for your server's operation. Our systems administrators will make a backup copy of data and constantly monitor server logs. In the event of any kind of problems or if the need to move over to a new server arises, our systems administrators will set up the new server and transfer all of the data onto it from the backup copy.

Our modest contribution to the server leasing market in Moscow.

  1. In 2005, our company was the first in Russia to lease servers with AMD Athlon processors! Leasing servers with AMD Athlon\Sempron processors is much more productive than those with Pentium\Celeron processors.
  2. In 2007 we offered servers with Intel Core 2 Quad (quad-core processors)!
  3. We have the largest selection of models! All the best and very latest ones appear here first!
  4. In 2010 we gave out all remaining outdated models of server for rental free of charge! We also offered free server hosting for 1-2 months to those in receipt of state benefits, IT companies and to those coming to us from other Data-centers.

The Advantages of Dedicated Server Rental

«Never own anything, even rent your sneakers»
© Forrest Gump

Server rental makes a lot of sense for a number of reasons:

  1. If something in the rented server breaks down, you will be provided with another server. With your own server, you would have to take it to be repaired. Repairing it could take several weeks.
  2. If you no longer need the server, you don't need to think about who you are going to sell it to. Considering that it is second-hand, you aren't likely to get very much for it.
  3. The money you plan to spend on buying a server could be put into developing your business.
  4. For legal entities, their own server needs to be recognised, tax has to be paid on it, whereas paying for leasing a server can be written off as expenses.

Renting a lot of servers from us costs nothing. You are only paying for the hosting. And there is no catch. The point is that we have been in the business of leasing servers since 2005. In this time many of our servers have already paid for themselves, and some servers weren't taken away by the customers who placed them with us. We lease the up-to-date models of server for payment, and those for which there is low demand we are ready to lease for nothing.

Prices for Server Rental

Prices for server rental including hosting in the Data-centerе start at 530 (see the second column in the table below for leasing of virtual servers) roubles per month, depending on its configuration. Tell us which configuration you require, and we will work out the cost of renting it. In the table below are the prices for renting servers with typical configuration, as well as those for similar virtual machines. Cloud-based virtual machines allow you all the advantages of cloud technology, including scalability, flexibility, and fault-tolerance. The cluster on which the cloud is based, is backed up multiple times, and a failure of one of the components in no way has an adverse effect on the system as a whole. Analogues of simple models of servers work out even cheaper due to the flexible management of resources. Analogues of advanced servers work out more expensive, but you are paying for flexibility and fault-tolerance.

The price for server rental already includes hosting in the Fili Data-center and the choice of either 5,120Gb or an unlimited 20Mbit port.

Server Rental Rent*
in roubles
Rent for similar**
virtual server
in roubles
Athlon 64 3000+ 1024M RAM Dual-channel 250Gb HDD SATA 2500 1150 Order
Athlon 64 3700+ 1024M RAM Dual-channel 250Gb HDD SATA 2500 1240 Order
P4 3000Mhz (Hyper-Threading), 1024M RAM 250Gb HDD SATA 2500 970 Order
PIII 1000Mhz 512M ECC REG RAM 80Gb 2500 530 Order
PIII 1000Mhz 512M ECC REG RAM 2х200Gb HDD RAID 1 2500 530 Order
Sempron 64 2500+ 512M RAM 80Gb HDD 2500 575 Order
Sempron 64 3200+ 512M RAM 250Gb HDD SATA 2500 638 Order
Sempron 64 3200+ 1024M RAM Dual-channel 250Gb HDD SATA 2500 988 Order
Athlon 64 X2 3800+ 2048 RAMM Dual-Channel 250Gb HDD SATA 2700 2100 Order
Intel Pentium D410 1,66Ghz/1Gb DDR2/320Gb HDD 3300 1375 Order
Intel Pentium D425 1,8Ghz/1Gb DDR2/320Gb HDD 3400 1400 Order
Athlon 64 X2 4600+ 2048 RAMM Dual-Channel 250Gb HDD SATA 3450 2480 Order
Intel Pentium Dual-core D510 1,66Ghz/2Gb DDR2/320Gb HDD 3500 2750 Order
Intel Pentium Dual-core D525 1,8Ghz/2Gb DDR2/320Gb HDD 3600 2770 Order
Intel Core 2 Duo E6600/2048 RAM/2х250 HDD SATA II 3874 3200 Order
Intel Core 2 Duo E6600/4096 RAM/250 HDD SATA II 4174 4600 Order
HP DL145 AMD Opteron 2.0GHz Dual Core (O270(2.0GHz/1MB)/2GB (ССС) 4500 2300 Order
Single Processor Intel Dual-Core Xeon (5150)/4096 RAM/250 HDD SATA 4500 4600 Order
Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600/2048 RAM/2х250 HDD SATA II 4700 5000 Order
Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600/4096 RAM/2х250 HDD SATA II 5000 6445 Order
Dual Processor Intel Dual-Core Xeon (5150)/4096 RAM/250 HDD SATA 5300 6445 Order
AMD Phenom 6 Cores/4096 RAM/250 HDD SATA 5500 7210 Order
Single Processor Intel Quad-Core Xeon/4096 RAM/250 Gb SATA 5783 6400 Order
Single Processor Intel Quad-Core Xeon/8192 RAM/250 Gb SATA 6783 9041 Order
Dual Processor Intel Quad-Core Xeon/4096 RAM/250 GB SATA 7083 9441 Order
Dual Processor Intel Quad-Core Xeon/8192 RAM/250 GB SATA 7583 10108 Order
Dual Processor Intel Quad-Core Xeon/16384 RAM/250GB SATA 8583 11441 Order

*In the table are indicated approximate prices for server rental. Depending upon your requirements any changes to hardware configuration are possible, as are decreases or increases to rental costs.

**Processor and memory are selected in a similar way, disk space is provided in multiples of 40 RAM. The price for expanding the disk space is 9 RUB/Gb.

Prices for Additional Server Rental Services

Description Number/type/size Connection/installation Fee
RAM 1Gb 300 RUB 150 RUB
1Gb ECC REG 300 RUB 350 RUB
HDD 250Gb SATA 300 RUB 300 RUB
1Tb SATA 300 RUB 600 RUB
146GB SCSI 300 RUB 900 RUB
SATA Controller With RAID 300 RUB 1500 RUB
SCSI Controller Without RAID 300 RUB 600 RUB
With RAID 300 RUB 1000 RUB
Network adapter 100 Мbit 300 RUB 150 RUB
1000 Mbit 300 RUB 300 RUB
Other equipment Call us Call us
Contract renegotiation For individuals 500 RUB
For legal entites 1000 RUB

Server Rental Discounts and Extras

  1. Discount of 15% when you pay for a year. For six months — 7%. For 3 months — 3%.
  2. Discount on installing a leased server in the Data-center for individuals 1,500 roubles, for legal entities 1,000 roubles! Discounts do not extend to servers with rental fee of 2,500 roubles.
  3. KVM access is free for the first week!
  4. FreeBSD or Linux installation is free!

Special Offers on Server Rental!

Renting Dell Poweredge 1950 2 x 2.66Ghz (Xeon 5150), 4GB, 160GB servers is only 4,444 RUB/month, including installation in Fili Data-center, 2,048Gb of traffic included and free KVM access!

Or — the very same server for 4,999 roubles with 5,120Gb of traffic.

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