Why is Paying for Traffic So Important?

  1. If you get something for nothing, you don't look a gift-horse in the mouth.
  2. Free cheese only comes in mousetraps.
  3. Ask yourself this question: "Which is the quality connection, that with paid traffic or that with free traffic?".
  4. There is a limit to everything in this world, even to the number of molecules in the universe.
  5. With a free tariff, the provider is hardly going to take seriously your complaints that somewhere in Russia's regions there are packet losses occurring. The provider is not interested in the fact that you allowed more traffic.
  6. If traffic is free, then there is the temptation to put in the rack a server which will completely throttle a 100Mbit bandwidth. Which means that there will be packet losses and that less traffic will reach neighbouring servers and the speed of access to them will be significantly lower.
  7. If there is a small charge for traffic, then it is not worthwhile putting file dumps and traffic-generating resources in place.
  8. IT-Soft is a supporter of paid traffic at reasonable rates, delivered by quality services.
  9. Free traffic — is a free-for-all! You are better off paying about 500 roubles and having quality guaranteed.
  10. Free traffic was granted on two conditions:
    • there is more Russian traffic than foreign
    • outgoing traffic doesn't exceed incoming by 1/4
    As a result many used traffic shaping and throttled the channels. Especial worsening of channel quality was observed at the end of the month.
  11. Traffic which did not comply with the ratio was charged at a very high rate. Now the amount you have to pay for traffic is approximately the same but is spread out more evenly and, more importantly, the quality of the connection doesn't suffer.

Exploding the Myth of "Free Traffic"?

Option №1
Call the provider offering “free traffic” and ask them: "Can you supply a channel to our office with free traffic?" It would appear that, in the case of the server being hosted in the client's office, and not with the provider, that it is the client who is paying for the electricity, the client who is cooling their server themselves, spending money on the electric power supply system (automatic transfer equipment, circuit breakers, wiring), on uninterruptible power sources etc. Yet, not a single “free traffic” provider is prepared to supply a channel to your office on “free traffic” terms. Which means that “free traffic” recoups their internet connection and the expensive equipment in their Data-center. So, is there anything else you'd like on a freebie?

Option №2
Call the provider offering "free traffic" or a 100Mbit port and ask them: "Is that 100Mbit general access or is it reserved just for me? Will I be able to send 20 terabytes of traffic?" The honest answer would be “no”. Because a bandwidth at 100Mbit, according to 2009 prices, at Inter-Operator level would cost about 60,000 roubles.

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