Free Server Hosting

Congratulations to everyone on the DSA-2012 (Seventh All-Russia Forum of System Administrators) and we are granting all who took part* a month's free hosting on the 2,000 RUB tariff, including100Gb of traffic with excess traffic at 5 RUB for 1 Gb.

And we will give anyone changing over their server from another Data-center two month's free hosting!

This deal lasts from the date of the Forum until DP (Programmers' Day) (28.07.2012 — 12.09.2012).

Also we are donating, on an ongoing basis, a month on the same terms to the following people:

  1. School children and students;
  2. Web-studios and IT companies;
  3. Those recognised as Veterans of Labour; Honoured Workers, Leaders and Invalids;
  4. Members of large families;
  5. Those on low incomes or in receipt of state benefits.

*Drop in to the ITSoft tent, located at tent city №26 under the “ITSoft" and "Free Wodka Zone" flags

To take advantage of this offer you must publish information about this offer with a link to the page on your website in order to inform your colleagues about possible free server hosting.

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