Colocation is a service where servers (system units) are housed in a data-center.

If you are hosting a large internet portal, for which you need a dedicated server, or if you yourself want to become a hosting provider, then you need to house your own server in a data-center.

Our colleagues provide all the necessary consultations and help in the set-up of your server.

Hosting your own actual server substantially increases the speed at which your website functions as opposed to virtual hosting where several hundred websites are whirling around.

Colocation server hosting also substantially increases security if it is properly set up and administered by qualified professionals.

Prices for Server Hosting

Colocation - размещение serverов в Москве с поюнитовой оплатой в дата-центре ITSoft.

Racks in our data-center in Fili are equipped with industrial APC uninterruptible 2 + 1 power supplies by Schneider Electric, as well as power supply protection from two off-line inputs.

Rent of a KVM port is only 500 roubles per month. A KVM port is supplied free of charge for the first week of server colocation on request!

The cost for renting a single port on a Ethernet switchboard 100Mbps full-duplex per unit per month is:

Colocation with payment for prevailing traffic

Prevailing traffic of 1,024Gb means that you can receive1,024Gb and send 1,024Gb, but you only pay for 1,024Gb.

1U server hosting in
Price for colocation
per month, including VAT
Excess traffic,
in roubles per 1 Gb
Data-center Fili 1024 Gb 2100 RUB 2 RUB
Data-center М9 4500 RUB 15 RUBлей
+ discount up to 50%
  • 1 unit equals 45 mm.
  • Excess traffic in Fili DC is calculated using the formula k*(prevailing traffic — traffic included in the tariff).
  • Excess traffic in Fili DC is calculated using the formula k*(prevailing traffic — traffic included in the tariff).

Traffic Packages at Fili Data-center

Cost of package per month,
including VAT
Excess traffic, in
roubles per 1 Gb
2048 Gb 600 RUB 2 RUB
5120 Gb 1400 RUB 1 RUB
10 Mbit unlimited port 400 RUB
100 Mbit unlimited port
2900 RUB
Гарантированная выделенная
полоса в 100Мбит! Позволяет
пропустить 31Тб трафика в
If none of the tariffs set out above suit you, then write to us with your wishes and we will endeavour to work out an individual proposal for you . Think about the advertising possibilities you could offer our services: it might make a good case for our mutually profitable cooperation.
Costs for server hosting for more than 1 unit
Data-center 2U 3U 4U 5U
Fili 3000 RUB 3500 RUB 4000 RUB 4500 RUB
М9 8000 RUB 11500 RUB 15000 RUB 18500 RUB

Server and Computer Hosting in Ordinary Tower-housings

Colocation - размещение serverов в обычных ATX-корпусах в Москве в дата-центре ITSoft.

Special offers on server colocation in ordinary ATX housings:

for Mini or Midi Tower (server housing with dimensions w х h х d up to 20сm х 40сm х 50сm) — 2,600 roubles.

For FULLATX (server housing with dimensions w х h х d up to 25сm х 50сm х 70сm — 3100 RUBлей.

For BigTower (server housing with dimensions w х h х d up to 25сm х 70сm х 70с) — 3,100 roubles.

If your dimensions exceed those indicated, hosting conditions will be discussed individually.

Server and Computer Hosting in mini-ITX Housings

Colocation - размещение serverов в mini-TX корпусах в Москве в дата-центре ITSoft.

Hosting price 1000 roubles per month.

Free Delivery of Servers to our Data-center!

Бесплатная доставка serverов в наш дата-центр

We take upon ourselves all costs and responsibilities for delivering your servers to our Data-center. Free server delivery is available from all major cities in Russia and abroad.

Ours is High Quality Traffic

In Fili DC each tariff already includes at least 1,024Gb. For most customers, the fixed fee for the server will be 2,100 roubles. On selecting a more appropriate tariff, traffic in Fili DC will be free. For 2,900 roubles you receive a 100Mbit bandwidth through which 31Tb of traffic can pass.

The so-called unlimited 100Mbit ports offered by many of our competitors are, in fact, limited. Once a certain threshold has been crossed, the traffic begins to cost money, or the 100Mbit port becomes not a dedicated bandwidth like ours, but a collective access port where there are 50 servers on one 100Mbit channel. You may not even notice any problems in Moscow, but connectivity with the regions and abroad may be able to cope with such a serious load. And that means that someone may not even be able to see your server, or the connection may experience packet loss. Limits to 30Mbit on what is ostensibly a limitless100Mbit port are widespread. For more details please see why paying for traffic is so important.

Calculator for Traffic Cost

Select Data-center
Select type of housing
Enter amount of prevailing traffic in gigabytes
Fixed Fee: 0 RUB
Cost of excess traffic: 0 RUB

Especially for Yandex moderators. Traffic in excess of 1,024Gb at Fili Data-center is paid according to the tariff shown in the table above at the cost of 2 RUB per 1Gb.

Our traffic is cheaper than “free” traffic because:

  1. In Fili DC the tariff for single-unit servers includes 1,024Gb of traffic.
  2. With us there is no differentiation between Russian and foreign, a ratio of 1:4.
  3. With us for 2,900 roubles you receive a dedicated 100Mbit bandwidth without any kind of limitations.
  4. And the most important thing — the quality of our channels.

Discounts on Server Hosting

For those with an eye for a bargain we offer discounts on payment for long periods of server hosting or for a large number of servers.

  1. 15% — on payment for a year;
  2. 7% — on payment for 6 months;
  3. 3% — on payment for 3 months;

If you require hosting for over 5 servers, please contact one of our directors to discuss personal terms.

You can lease any of our remaining out-dated servers for free (you pay only for hosting)!

You can have your server hosted by us free for one month if you are entitled to state benefits or are an IT company! Anyone who comes to us from another data-center can request 2 months hosting for free!

Price List for Colocation

The fee for a server in the Fili Data-center includes:

  1. twoIP addresses from various class C networks;
  2. on request we provide a permanent KVM port free for the first week;
  3. reboot on request;
  4. unlimited power consumption;
  5. 24-hour technical support;
  6. you can visit our Data-center at any time;
  7. removal of server to the client for repairs;
  8. running fsck in UNIX or scandisk in Windows;
  9. daily calculation of incoming and outgoing traffic, and publishing of this data in your personal customer profile;
  10. switching equipment;
  11. removal of equipment from the rack.

For installation of each item of live equipment various one-off charges of around 2,000 roubles are incurred.
Rackmount-servers should be equipped with means of being assembled in the rack (rails).
In the absence of rails, the customer incurs a one-off charge for rails provided on lease of — 1,000 roubles

Дополнительные услуги для colocation
Description Number/Type/Amount Connection/Installation Fee
Provision of rails on lease for 1 server 1000 RUB
Extra IP address 1 Free 50 RUB/month
Ethernet port
1 port Free 500 RUB/month
Permanent КVМ port 1 port 800 RUB 500 RUB/month
Temporary КVМ port 1 port Free 300 RUB/day
Extra power
1 port Free 500 RUB/month
Ethernet port 1 Gbит/s 1 port 2000 RUB 5000 RUB/month
Switching customer
Free Free
Reboot 1 server Free Free
Remote power
1 port 800 RUB 500 RUB/month
DNS support 1 zone Free 20 RUB/month
BGP session
installation and support
5900 RUB 3500 RUB/month
Protection from DDoS attacks against UDP
Flood attacks
Free 2000 RUB/month
Against other
forms of attack
By agreement By agreement
ISPManager ISPmanager Lite Free 1000 RUB/month
ISPmanager Pro Free 1600 RUB/month
Backup 25Gb Free 500 RUB/month
50Gb Free 900 RUB/month
100Gb Free 1500 RUB/month
DirectAdmin Free 450 RUB/month
cPanel Free 1200 RUB/month
Changeover of tariff scheme 1 service 500 RUB
Contract renegotiation For individuals 500 RUB
For legal entities 1000 RUB
VLAN 1 port 500 RUB 500 RUB
Server backup data
1 server 1500 RUB
Mailbox set-up 1 домен Free 150 RUB/month
fsck in UNIX or
scandisk в Windows
Free Free
Server monitoring 1 server 500 RUB 500 RUB/month
OS installation 1 server
(except Gentoo Linux)
1000 RUB
1 server Gentoo Linux 5000 RUB
Daily traffic detail
Free Free
In depth daily traffic
detail record
Free 300 RUB/day
Connection of
Including copying
of one kind of disk
Free 300 RUB/day
Connection of USB HDD WD of size 1Tb Free 300 RUB/day
Connection of
USB Floppy
Sony 1.44 Mb Free 300 RUB/day
Client equipment
1 server of 500 RUB
Work on client's
Without opening server Free
With opening server of 500 RUB
DC visits 08:00-20:00 Free
20:00-08:00, weekends
and public holidays
With permit ordered in
Client equipment
small Free 500 RUB/month
large Free 1500 RUB/month
Other work** 1500 RUB/hour
  • price shown in roubles including VAT 18%.
  • price shown in roubles including all taxes.

*Small-sized equipment is stored in special dedicated box (20х30х50 сm.)

**First hour may not be payable in full (500 / 1000) depending on complexity of the work.

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