The ITSoft Data-center

The ITSoft Data-center provides a full range of services in:

ITSoft's data-centers

ITSoft has three data-centers (communication centres) in the city of Moscow, which are located at the following addresses:

M. Kaluzhskaya
Butlerova street, no. 7 (moscow internet exchange point M9-IX)
M. Kitay-gorod
B. Trekhsvyatitelsky lane, no. 2
M. Fili
Beregovoy proezd, no. 4, building 3.


In the data-centers where we host our servers and provide dedicated server rentals, the following equipment is used:

  • Networking equipment
    Cisco Systems, Allied Telesyn.
  • Industrial uninterruptible power supplies
    Liebert (Emerson), General Electric, APC-MGE.
  • Industrial cooling systems
    Liebert (Emerson), Toshiba, Hitachi, Росинка.
  • Gaseous fire-suppression system

Technical Characteristics

  • Reliability category I power equipment (two independent inputs).
  • Industrial air conditioning and ventilation systems (as per SNiP 2.04.05-86), electrostatic discharge protection (as per GOST 12.4.124-83, SN-2152-80 and SanPiN-
  • Automatic fire suppression system (GOST 12.1.004-76.SSBT).
  • Defense system against unsanctioned access, and protection of the building in which the data-center is housed.
Data-centers registered in the rossvyaznadzor as communication centres. Fire safety precautions in agreement with the MES.


Internet connection is provided by:

Akado Telekom
throughput per channel 1Gbit per second.


The ITSoft hosting centre is an official partner of

RU-CENTER- is the autonomous nonprofit organization "Regional Network Information Center" (RU-CENTER), which is an accredited domain registrar for the RU, SU, NET, COM, ORG, BIZ, and INFO zones.

Our company provides domain registration for legal entities and private individuals.


  • The operating system
    is the most reliable, the most secure, the most productive - FreeBSD
  • The database management system
    is the fastest and most widespread - MySQL
  • The database management system

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