Training courses for students and post-graduates, writing of diplomas and dissertations, ITSoft apprenticeship*

ITSoft is cooperating with the Moscow State Institute of Electronics and Mathematics (MIEM) and the Moscow Radio Engineering Research Institute unitary enterprise, is actively involved in education and research, and is accepting young specialists onto a training course.

For undergraduates at technical educational establishments interested in developing web applications, and in server administration and local networks, the training course can go towards their degree work or dissertation.

To Trainees

  1. You have to purchase the necessary literature

Provisional Subjects

  1. SPAM filtering
  2. Web Client mail
  3. games servers
  4. heterogeneous local networks
  5. web application performance
  6. web application security
  7. write to us with your own suggestions

Candidate Requirements

  1. Be a disciplined and responsible individual.
  2. Know how to programme.
  3. Be able to dedicate at least 25 hours a week to the training course.
  4. Submit your CV.

*training course takes place in Moscow. Upper Intermediate level Russian or English is a necessity

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