Our mission —
providing simple
stable solutions to complex
problems in the field of IT
Our aim —
long-term, strategic
cooperation and provision
of services in the field of information

ITSoft has been operating since 1999. The company has two offices in the centre of Moscow: Our Head Office is located near to Paveletskaya metro station, and our second office is near to the Third Ring Road and Fili metro station. The company runs several departments and sub-departments:

Legal and Financial

which allows us to offer a full range of services in site construction and promotion, hosting, providing dedicated servers and server colocation, development of logos and corporate identity, local network set-up and support, server administration, provision of access to the Internet, telephony, and information systems and database development, as well as IT accounting and legal services.

ITSoft has amassed vast experience in delivering a variety of IT projects, and has technological cycles which are up and running and on-stream.

The company's distinguishing feature is that it makes it possible
to order the full range of services in one place,

creating a synergistic effect, saving both time and money.

The core of the company consists of graduates from Moscow's leading technical colleges: MIEM, The Bauman МGTU, MIET and others. Our way of working is distinct in its scientific approach, high-level quality of services and maintenance, as well as in the guarantees it provides.

Компания оказывает помощь некоммерческим образовательным, научным, культурным и другим социально значимым проектам.
The company carries out research.

The company does not give kickbacks, take a cut of the budget, or pay middle-men.

We are constantly improving the standard of our services. We have provided management mobile numbers in the Contact section to improve the quality of our service and the ways of giving us feedback.

ITSoft Company Logo

Логотип компании ITSoft

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