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Vitamins for children and adults

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Site for drug to improve the memory


Site for drug for couples planning to conceive

Butterfly Gifts

Development of online souvenir store

Dubenskoye podvore

Site redesign for recreational centre


Slimming aids site


Site for cold prevention medicine


Site dedicated to the composer Zaderatsky

Children's Tenoten

Site for children's tranquilliser


Site for medicine to treat impotence

Afala 2

Second version of the site

Materia Medica Holding

Site development for the pharmaceutical company


This company provides raw materials to the Ufa Oil Refinery

AV Charter

Corporate site development for airline


Site development for holiday village


Corporate site development

Sretensky Monastery Choir

Corporate site development


Site development for the architectural bureau

Katerina and Co.

Architectural design bureau


First version of the site

The Burakov Centre

Development of logo and corporate identity


Development of logo and corporate identity

Hotel World

Redesign of logo


Logo development

Video Premiera

Logo for Video Premiera portal


Logo developed for information portal


Logo and corporate identity for dental clinic


Logo and corporate identity for the company Teh-holod


Logo, corporate identity and booklet for holiday village outside Yalta


Corporate identity for Moskovskaya Mekhovaya Kompaniya

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Building Income-Generating Sites
A website's main objective is: to attract visitors, and to maintain their interest and loyalty. Whether the site is commercial or non-commercial is not important. The criterion for success will always be the number of times it is viewed. Remember that a website is your face on the net, it creates the image of the organisation or project in the consumer's consciousness. If a site is put together poorly, the visitor will leave it, never to return.
For a site to sell, it needs to possess the following properties:
  1. a design which meets your objectives
  2. up-to-date written content which is of interest to potential customers
  3. appropriate layout with code optimisation so that search engines put the site on the first pages of the relevant search requests
  4. able to keep up with the times and display a wide range of functionality
  5. the domain name (address) should be easily pronounced over the phone and easy to remember. This is the very foundation of “grapevine” principle.
Anybody will tell you: But it's so simple!
But it isn't that straightforward. Let's have a look at the basic stages of creating a quality website:
Choosing the designers
(How to select
the right web-studio)
Analysing the site's
requirements and
writing the technical
Audit of competitors' sites,
analysis of competitive
Developing the site's
design in agreement
with the Customer
Writing the copy
for the site, and translating
it into other
languages as required
The site's layout:
pure HTML-code,
CSS, JavaScript
Setting up and fine-tuning
the site's software modules
Developing unique
software for the site
Security and high-load testing
the Customer's
employees in working
with the site
Future support
for the site,
and its promotion and optimisation

Effective Website Construction

How it used to be: a Site is a representation of companies, businessmen and private individuals on the internet. A good website is capable of making sales and generating income, attracting customers to your company and increasing profits. A good site is capable of attracting more customers, as well as a good advert.

Everything is changing: in the 21st century, the Site is the main way for all enterprises to position themselves. Website advertising is on a par with with TV advertising. In the site-construction field, the term “Users Behavioural Patterns” has emerged, and this concept lies at the very heart of the site's logic (such coding is unobtainable in television). A well thought-out website generates high earnings for minimal outlay! More and more businesses are prepared to invest millions (and that is not a joke) in creating their websites.

The basic characteristics which can be attributed to a good website can be identified as follows:

  1. high-quality design
  2. valid, cross-browser html-layout, support for W3C standards
  3. researched “behavioural patterns”
  4. well-produced interior pages
  5. rapid working of the site
  6. the site's functionalities
  7. interesting and useful page content
  8. a simple and memorable site name

In order to end up with an effective website, several stages of development need to be undergone, for which it is best to turn to the experts. The first thing which you need:

  1. to select the web-studio which will undertake the development of your site.

The developer will then proceed according to the following plan:

  1. naming and domain registration - with a unique site name
  2. writing of the technical specifications incorporating all of the site's requirements and arrangement for the main pages
  3. analysis of competitors' sites to identify competitive advantages
  4. development of the site's design concept in agreement with the client
  5. writing copy for the site, as well as translating it, if required, into foreign languages
  6. creating the site's page layout using HTML, XHTML, CSS and Java Script etc.
  7. set-up and installation of the software to manage the site's content
  8. creation of unique (not replicated) software (e.g. an electronic logbook)
  9. testing of the site's performance capabilities and security systems in high load conditions(DDOS emulation)
  10. training client's company employees (experts) in site management
  11. site support and debugging “on the field of battle”
  12. integrated internet marketing or promotion of the site in search engines

Choosing the Designer

Choosing the designer is arguably the most important stage for a company's management. In order to make the right choice, it is essential to understand that a website is a complex software product requiring professional development. Therefore it is appropriate to make enquiries into how long the studio has been in operation, and how many employees are on the staff, and to familiarise yourself with its portfolio. This is all best done in the actual office itself where it is possible to reassure yourself that the studio operates in a steady and stable manner. Also, take a look at the feedback for the studio on the worldwide web, as well as on the websites of the Court of Arbitration and Tax Authorities.

ITSoft web-studio
has been operating successfully
for 13 years on the IT services market
Awards, diplomas,

Statistical Analysis

A complete analysis of competitors' sites helps to make your site better than theirs. Research your competitors' sites: borrow and perfect ideas, think how you can make yours stand out! A search for competitive advantages is pure gold!

What analysis is:

  1. setting the right aims and objectives for the site
  2. honing search engine queries connected to your company's activity
  3. processing the statistics for search results leaders
  4. determining the kinds of domains and domain names of search results leaders
  5. analysing the way competitors' sites have been put together (Flash, any distinguishing characteristics, interesting solutions, including the format of the site's interior pages)
  6. identifying the functionalities of competitors' sites and any potential competitive advantages
  7. identifying the advertising resources used by competitors (Yandex.Direct, Google Adwords etc.)
  8. hosting time-indicators in terms of server response and speed at which pages are presented
  9. evaluating the quality and relative uniqueness of copy on site pages
  10. identifying unique offers from competing companies and evaluating the originality of their formats
  11. considering potentially tempting promotions, as well as discounts, special offers and other inducements
  12. site force testing and testing for robustness (security and meeting of w3c.org standards).
  13. determining the user behaviour scenario on the site and analysing it.


It is worth bearing in mind that on visiting a site, the user, generally, will navigate, in all probability, by visual images. So, development of the site's design is best entrusted to those who know well how human perception works. The site's design, to a great extent, sets out the image of the company, insofar as this is precisely what creates the first impression. It's the client's duty to clearly set out the site's objectives, but to leave the realisation of these objectives (the style of the headers and text body, arrangement of the blocks and sidebars, menus, tables etc.) to the professionals. A well set-out site is psychologically conducive to encouraging the visitor to make a purchase or to get in contact with the its owners.

Our favourite works
produced by the studio:

Page Layout

Site design, in itself, is a picture created using computer programs. A modern site responds to a visitor's actions with changes enabling information to be digested in the best possible way. Using a site template helps to tune the pages displayed to the user's browser. The site's page layout is the production of page templates which will be properly displayed in all of the popular browsers (IE, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome). Cross-browser compatibility and code validity are essential attributes of a modern website.

Working with Text

These days it is not unusual to entrust the written content of websites to copywriters. Often it is their task to collect and rework information, writing copy within specific guidelines. Insofar as a copywriter is a “jack of all trades” and, as such, “master of none”, the writing may well not ring true. The writing may be beautiful and clever but is not generally invested with any soul. An alternative may be to have the site's text written by someone with expertise in your particular field but, as a rule, such copy tends to be somewhat “dry” and unattractive. Combining the two is a possibility, but the important thing is be sure to carefully coordinate the strong sides of both.

Program Code

Program code is what a site is based on, providing it with operating capability and protection, and it is essential to entrust its development to experts only. And not only experts with higher education, but experts with specialist knowledge gathered from a specialised higher education. It is preferable that the programmer has a degree (even more preferable that it be with distinction) from one of the leading technical colleges. It is possible to learn how to develop the design and layout of a site without any specialised training, but without a knowledge of mathematics and a particular cast of mind enabling you to analyse, digest and summarise data, it is virtually impossible to develop code which is logical and technically correct. Only someone meeting these criteria is capable of creating rapid and flawless algorithms, of testing programs in various regimes, and of quickly identifying and correcting potential glitches.

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Promotion is a range of measures the aim of which is to put the site in first place amongst search results according to key words and phrases. The main search engines are Yandex and Google, with their independent search algorithms. Site promotion includes the development of content which meets the demands and recommendations of the engines but which is still of interest to users, the code optimisation, and the placement of links with third party resources. Page content should be unique and should offer goods and services which have an advantage over those of competitors. An optimised site has a better chance of coming first in search results, and that means more potential customers.

The basis of site promotion is still words. These words should “satisfy” search engine algorithms whilst still being easy to read and of interest to the user.

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